Textual descriptions of the events which occur during various heavy metal music videos.

11th October 2010

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Motorhead – Killed by Death

Scene: The early 1980’s. A YOUNG WOMAN is having an argument with her PARENTS, who do not wish her to go out the house wearing very little except skin-tight leopard print leggings and hairspray. Any possible protestations from the girl are answered by a confirmation of the parents worst fears, as LEMMY KILMISTER rides through the wall on a motorcycle, invites their daughter to sit upon the back of it, then gives the camera the finger and departs through the opposite wall, to the parents general astonishment. We see  the other members of MOTORHEAD following Lemmy around in a beach buggy, presumably providing musical backing as he roars down a highway at night with the young woman clinging to his back, singing. Lemmy’s raucous rock and roll stylings are obviously not appreciated by the local authorties, as after a while a police car pulls in close behind Lemmy and a POLICEMAN leans out the window and begins firing a pump-action shotgun at our hero, to little apparent effect.

We cut to another scene. Motorhead and various SCANTILY CLAD WOMEN are sauntering through an alleyway, where they are accosted by approximately thirty heavily armed policemen in riot armour, who assume two ranks and riddle Lemmy with shotgun rounds, before flinging his body in the back of a lorry and driving off. The bullets were apparently rubber as Lemmy survives unscathed, only to undergo execution by electric chair. We cut to a funeral, presumably Lemmy’s. There is a heavy police presence, which proves to be entirely justified as, after a short period of ghostly muttering, Lemmy rides straight out of his own grave on a motorcycle, apparently contradicting the claim in the lyrics that the only time Lemmy will be easy is when he is killed by death. Having resurrected himself, he picks up the young woman again, and sets off, with the rest of Motorhead pursuing in their beach buggy.

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