Textual descriptions of the events which occur during various heavy metal music videos.

15th October 2010

Video with 2 notes

Amorphis – Black Winter Day

Whirling trees. Fog. We see a HAND playing a keyboard: the arm to which the hand is attached is clad in an extremely frilly shirt. Everything is very dark. Flames roar in the darkness! A BOY looks very confused; he has no idea who Amorphis are, and how he ended up in their video. A hand grabs a swinging golden Thor’s hammer. A FIGURE IN A CLOAK twirls around in some stage smoke. Flames roar in the darkness! The FINNISH (THEN: DOOM/DEATH NOW: PROG METAL/DEPRESSIVE ROCK) BAND AMORPHIS are seen standing in a foggy courtyard full of searchlights. The camera pans around TOMI KOIVUSAARI as he stares into the middle distance singing, whilst someone apparently shines a torch up underneath his face. Flames roar in the darkness! We see the boy cautiously picking his way over some rubble (naturally, during a foggy night) wearing a comically enormous cloak. The figure in the cloak paces through what appears to be part of a castle. We can see some blond hair spilling from the hood. Stage smoke appears to be pouring out of the figures cloak. Flames roar in the darkness! The camera pans up past the boy to a lighted window or opening in another part of the castle. The figure in the cloak stands in a searchlight beam, still pouring smoke. The searchlight clearly illuminates a modern steel fire escape behind him, ruining the ambience entirely. The figure walks through a corridor. Off from one side, flames roar in the darkness! The camera follows him up to the previously glimpsed opening, which is apparently a door at…the top of the fire escape! White light and smoke spills from around its edge. More lacy hands, fog, cloaked figures etc. etc. ESA HOLOPAINEN plays restrained solo on the fire escape. Everything is wreathed in fog and stage smoke. The figure in the cloak stands at the top of the fire escape above Holopainen, and opens his arms wide. Smoke is definitely pouring from his sleeves. He seems to be beckoning to the boy, who begins to climb the fire escape, stealing confused glances all around him as the figure makes cryptic hand gestures. The boy reaches the top, and enters the blinding white light of the space beyond. We see the cloaked figure, filmed in front of and amidst absolutely ludicrous quantities of stage smoke, with a searchlight placed behind its head. Then we see the boy looking around the room in utter bewilderment at what he sees: A gleaming white space full of stage smoke in which A GROUP OF 17th CENTURY TOFFS dance cheerfully, as if to the songs keyboard solo. We cut to Holopainen for some traditional low angle shots during the solo, and more shots of Koivusaari, now apparently on some sort of plinth, surrounded by shadowy figures, fog, stage smoke and searchlights. Someone waggles a torch at his face from off camera. We finally see the figure in the cloak: it is a CREEPY ANDROGYNOUS TEENAGER. The teen stands behind the boy as he looks extremely confused and slightly bored in the middle of the ballroom, and opens his arms as if to embrace him, wreathing the boy, and everything else, in an inexhaustible torrent of stage smoke. Flames roar in the darkness! More whirling and fog. The creepy teen walks around the boy as if to begin dancing with him. We see that the boy is wearing a really sweet gold embroidered black velvet coat. There is whirling. Fog. The child looks confused. The Thor’s hammer lies on the creepy teen’s empty cloak. Flames roar in the darkness!

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