Textual descriptions of the events which occur during various heavy metal music videos.

20th October 2010

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Behemoth – As Above, So Below

Scene: A bleak, grey landscape somewhere in Poland. The camera rushes extremely fast towards the members of BEHEMOTH, who stand stock still wearing corpse-paint and staring fiercely forwards. We cut with shots of the band playing in some dingy space and overlays of a Thelemic hexagram+penis symbol. INFERNO pouts and throws the horns. Heads bang in time, and someone shakily pans a camera over old religious woodcuts. We see the interior of an abattoir, the camera playing across rows of empty meathooks. NERGAL, the vocalist of Behemoth, trudges around in a dingy factory wearing a long black coat. Simultaneously, we see him singing in the bleak landscape we saw at the start. We see a man with an abject expression on his face making a symbol, possibly an anarchist sign or Lovecraft’s elder sigil (or a very wonky pentagram) on the floor with dust. Some of the members of Behemoth pretend to be zombies. Nergal throws a handful of earth at the camera in slow motion. More shots of the factory interior, and an antique crucifix. Nergal pushes open a large set of double doors, revealing a large, dark machine-lined space in which TWO WOMEN IN PVC FETISH GEAR are making out. After making out for a while, some shots of a Bosch painting, and a solo, one of the women turns round and slowly and deliberately throws Nergal the horns. Apparently satisified with this turn of events, he continues his journey through the factory. There are suggestive shots of blade-like metal objects and silent black silhouettes of circular saws. Suddenly we see that the abattoir and the factory are one and the same as we come back to the meathooks, only now one of the meathooks has a FISH impaled upon it. Nergal contemplates the situation as the band plays on. There is a shot of a WOMAN pulling on a strip of cloth with her teeth, We move off faster down corridors. Nergal stops at another open door, startled at what appears beyond: a FIGURE IN A BLACK CLOAK, lit from behind, is holding up a goat skull in such a way that they resemble traditional depictions of Satan. Nergal glares sarcastically at the camera then moves on. We see the woman we briefly saw earlier bound in bandages lying on some sort of metal grille. A FACELESS FIGURE IN WHITE ROBES is binding up her face. Nergal walks on. A PAIR OF LEGS (presumably attached to someone) dangle over some candles. As the video closes, Behemoth pull out some sweet synchronised circular headbanging, graphically demonstrating why all real men have chest length hair.

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