Textual descriptions of the events which occur during various heavy metal music videos.

21st October 2010


Candlemass – Bewitched

A WOMAN in a black cloak runs across a bridge, looking panicked. Behind her, come CANDLEMASS (sans frontman), dressed as mourners and carrying a coffin, moving in slow step. The woman scurries around among the graves in front of them. As they move slowly through the graveyard we notice that this video is set in some place outside of normal reality, where black spandex is acceptable funeral wear. They bring the coffin to a tombstone and set it down. The camera pans forward to reveal the text ‘MESSIAH MARCOLIN RIP’ on the grave marker. The members of Candlemass stand aside and look sad. A gentle breeze blows their hair. Suddenly, white smoke begins pouring from under the lid of the coffin, which begins to shake around violently. Suddenly, the pop tops off and MESSIAH MARCOLIN emerges, wearing a black robe and singing. He emphasises the lyrics with hand gestures, pointing to his eyes when he sings the word ‘eyes’, and pointing towards the camera when he sings the word ‘you’. Messiah stomps dramatically through the graveyard as the song progresses, clawing at thin air. He reaches some buildings. He points, apparently towards LARS JOHANSSON, who was sitting on a step and stands up slightly dazedly. Next he points at LIEF EDLING AND MATS BJORKMAN, who are walking through the snow. They turn round stunned and approach him. We see the woman from earlier running through some snowy trees. Suddenly she turns and looks perturbed. We see that the reason for this is that Messiah has appeared six feet behind her. He sings at her dramatically. She turns with a gasp and flees onward through the woods. But there is no escape. Messiah points at her, and she too finally succumbs, following him dazedly as he beckons her.

We see that Messiah has now assembled a small platoon of ZOMBIFIED MID 80’S SCANDINAVIAN THRASHERS (including fucking Dead, for those gathering trivia points).He sings expansively in front of them. Then, as Lars plays a solo standing on some steps, he runs around between them, snarling at them, grabbing them and pushing them. The solo over, Messiah takes his place at the head of the column, and begins leading them forward in the Doom Dance, which involves plodding forward whilst wildly swinging the arms. The camera focuses on their stomping feet, an incongruous mixture of combat boots and high-top basketball shoes placing us firmly in our era. They stomp onward, with Messiah at their head singing, past various buildings and back to the graveyard, now covered in snow. They then stand around Doom Dancing on the spot whilst Messiah, still singing, climbs back into his coffin and closes the lid. The camera pans back up to focus on his simple epitaph, and we fade to black.